DeerSong "TurfMaster"
Flexible Boom Sprayer

A revolutionary, market altering sprayer has appeared on the horizon.

This innovative sprayer allows you to spray:

This TurfMaster sprayer is designed specifically for golf courses, turf and sod farms, metro parks, unversity and industrial parks, and sports complexes.

You get proven features and up-to-date technologies to give you versatile and economical spraying methods.

25 to 55 HP tractors will work well with your TurfMaster Sprayer. Some customers use the larger model tractors so they can use other available attachments for other applications.

New style turf flotation tires allow you to spray the greens as well as the fairways. This one sprayer does it all. There is no damage to greens with modern low pressure tires, as they put fewer pounds per square in on the green than a man walking on the green.

The unit will mount on most existing tractors within a few minutes. It easily attaches and disconnects.

The DeerSong TurfMaster comes standard with a 150 gallon tank which is mounted on the 3-point hitch for easy mounting and removal.

A full length sparage tub gives you exccelnt agitation within the tank. When you need more capacity for larger open areas, remove the standard tank and pull an optional 400 gallon tank cart. The large cart saves you time by reducing the number of mixes and fill-ups trips.

Although often overlooked the selection of spray nozzles greatly influences the effectiveness of your sprayer. The turbo drop nozzles produce air-filled drops that give extraordinary drift reduction and absolute penetration. You get improved coverage, less drift, and better efficiency.
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The DeerSong TurfMaster's hydraulic driven centribual pump gives you quiet, efficient and reliable operation.

To give you the accuracy you need for efficient use of product, the Raven 450 Spray Monitor give you information at your finger tips. This info can be useful for your permanent records.

By pushing a button you know:

Miles per hour
Distance in feet
Thousands of square feet
Gallons sprayed
Gallons in tank
Gallons per hour
Area per hour
and much more

Spray rates stay constand even you changing ground speed.

The main feature of the DeerSong TurfMaster is the flexible wheel boom. The gauge wheels allow the boom to follow the contour of the ground and maintain consistent boom height and spray coverage.

The boom is placed out in front to give you a clear view of your work.

It's esy to maneuver around trees and other obstacles. A saftey break-away prevents damage to the boom as well as the obstacle.

The boom easily folds to a narrow 80" width for those tight places. You have a choice of widths at any time. Just unfold the boom at 80" intervals up to the full 33 foot width.

An automatic self locking latch makes using this unit a one-man operation. With the DeerSong TurfMaster you can spray these hard to get at places that before had be handsprayed.

With the foam marker option you eliminate unsprayed strips and costly overlapping.

When the job is done, the TurfMaster easily folds for travel.

You'll find that the sprayer quickly removes from the power unit and that the boom assembly takes up very little storage space using the soft storing stands.

The DeerSong TurfMaster is engineered with the professional turf manager in mind. It accurately cover more ground in less time and lets you better utilize your key employees. Your spray scheduling becomes easier, more efficient and less stressful. All these benefits let us say "Feature for feature, and dollar for dollar you won't find a more versatil and economical turf sprayer.

Sprayer in Action - Video

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